Gabriela Herstik
Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 2:30 pm
CaraDelevingneVEVO /

There really isn’t anything Cara Delevingne can’t do. Whether she’s strutting her stuff down the runway, or saving the galaxy in Valerian, there’s no territory this Brit can’t conquer. And it only takes one view of her debut music video to cement her icon status in place.

Today, Cara’s first music video dropped, and we’re probably going to watch it half a dozen more times. The track, called “I Feel Everything,” is a catchy and sultry number that just so happens to be produced by Pharrell Williams.

The video features clips from Valerian, flashing back to Cara as she sings to us while rocking a navy blue skinny suit, complete with a sheer top and matching navy tie.

While we’re used to Cara showing off her short pixie crop, in this video, she’s a chameleon queen, proving that she can literally pull off any haircut and color. She goes from having a brunette bob with bangs to a platinum bob to long, fire-red hair.

Of course, at one point, Cara is engulfed by what look likes violet butterflies — really reaffirming that this is a woman who can pull off anything.

Whether or not you’ve seen Valerian, you can enjoy Cara’s sensuous singing and clips from the movie, thanks to this video. We’re not sure what the superstar has planed next, but we’re crossing our fingers that an album, or at least an EP, is in the works.

Thank you, Cara, for always inspiring our eyes, ears, and hearts.