Shaunna Murphy
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 5:04 pm

Next time one of those “change your Facebook photo to your celebrity look-alike” trends catches on, at least Seth Hamby knows who to choose: Cara Delevingne’s dad, Charles, whose face he presumably went back in time and stole. Which, given the Delevingne family’s famously good genes, is pretty understandable.

Over the weekend, Hamby posted a side-by-side comparison of his own face and Charles Delevingne’s and, well, there’s really nothing to compare. It’s the same freaking face. Fox should just go ahead and order a movie on Cara’s life straight to production right now, because we have the perfect dude in mind to play “young Charles Delevingne” in groovy ’70s flashback scenes.

Uncanny, right?

Cara herself has not replied to her long-lost brother’s tweet, but the rest of the internet took notice immediately. Hamby’s tweet has over 26,000 retweets to date, and a whole lot of hilarious memes have been posted in reply.


When you swap their faces it’s somehow even creepier.

Winona’s mind is blown. Again.

…And so is Will’s. false

We have no idea, tbqh.

Obviously Cara’s doting dad looks a lot different nowadays, given that thing we all know and love as time.

But Hamby should still look at 2017 Charles Delevingne and feel pretty dang good about his future as a silver fox. And of course, fish for an invite to the next family reunion.