Gina Vaynshteyn
March 09, 2015 5:20 pm

Mumford and Sons as you knew them have been replaced by a heavier, alt-rock band, and we can hardly recognize their new sound. And we mean this in the best way possible. Mumford and Sons have been quietly promoting their new album, Wild Mind (out May 4th) by telling fans to expect a change in their style. Bassist Ted Dwane told Rolling Stone, “We felt that doing the same thing, or the same instrumentation again, just wasn’t for us. We’ve got a broader taste in music than just that.” Well, they were true to their word. Today the band responsible for mega-folksy hits “Little Lion Man,” and “I Will Wait,” dropped their newest single called “Believe,” a track unlike anything they’ve written before. And oh, it’s it’s so, so good.

I know, I know, I know it can be kinda devastating (or at least a delicate subject) when a band shifts direction like this. But as a band matures, so does their music. Their new album will reflect major life events that have shaped them as living, breathing human beings, and this kind of growth is incredible. While they may have set aside the banjo for now, still expect the same Mumford and Sons’ brilliance and emotion-fueled music.

Listen up right here:

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