super mario build-a-bear
Credit: Nintendo, Build-A-Bear

Two of our childhood faves have united to make all of our youthful dreams come true! Build-A-Bear and Nintendo have teamed up and released a line of Super Mario Bears and, like, mid-20s is totally not too old to go to Build-A-Bear, right? Right?

Starting TODAY, Mario Bear, Bowser, Yoshi, and more are available at

So if you’re a better person than we are and didn’t immediately think of how to get your hands on one of these for yourself, this release comes just in time for holiday shopping!

They’ll roll out to stores in time for the weekend, too, so if you’re thinking about going and maybe taking a cousin/sibling/niece/nephew/daughter/son/friend/etc to do something fun for the holidays, Build-A-Bear has you covered.

Mario Bear — $28.00


Credit: Build-A-Bear

Yoshi — $25.50


Credit: Build-A-Bear

Bowser — $35.00

We never thought — after all the trauma he caused us playing video games — we’d find Bowser cute, but…

Credit: Build-A-Bear

Not only will there be stuff-able bears and a pre-stuffed Toad to add to your stuffed animal collection, there will also be Super Mario-related accessories!

If you already have your Build-A-Bear and it just needs a bit of an upgrade, you’re totally covered. According to Build-a-Bear, the accessories include:

Super Mario Wrist Accessory Set — $8.50

Power up your furry friend’s accessories by adding this awesome three-piece set to your collection! This plush wrist accessory set comes with a Yoshi egg, a Super Star, and a Super Mushroom.

Credit: Build-A-Bear

Luigi Costume — $16.00

Dress your furry friend just like Luigi, with his signature green hat and blue overalls.

Credit: Build-A-Bear

Princess Peach Costume — $16.00

Your furry friend will be positively peachy when dressed in this two-piece Princess Peach costume!

Credit: Build-A-Bear

There are even more accessories to collect, so like we said…we’ll totally see you at Build-A-Bear.