HOLY HECK, you guys. Our new BFF Entertainment Weekly managed to make a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion happen for its latest issue, and our levels of fandom are reaching previously unknown heights right now.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the show earlier this month, the magazine pulled together the entire GD cast of Buffy — we’re talking everyone from Sarah Michelle Gellar (obvs) to Emma Caulfield, who played vengeance demon Anya Jenkins — for a cover shoot. Then, EW let Gellar take over its Instagram feed to share behind-the-scenes snaps from the big event, and OMG.

We’ll let you grab a glass of water and a lavender aroma therapy candle before we show you the photos, because you’re going to need to hydrate and calm down after you see this.

Behold, the still gorgeous, still fabulous, still slaying after 20 years cast of Buffy!

*Sigh* They still look like they could kick some serious vampire ass.

Gellar shared this great shot of herself with David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, and many of our other faves.

There’s also this sweet snap of Gellar and James Marsters, who played Gellar’s vampire love interest Spike on the show.

And who could resist smiling at the sight of all this sisterly love? Gellar and Trachtenberg are just as sweet together now as they were as Buffy and Dawn Summers way back in the day.

They’re super cute with show creator Joss Whedon and Kristine Sutherland, who played their mom, Joyce Summers, too.

How about Gellar with Dingoes Ate My Baby frontman Oz — oops, we mean Seth Green! — and fierce-as-ever Caulfield.

Has Green even aged? It’s unclear.

So go out and get yourself a copy of this collection-worthy issue of Entertainment Weekly!

You’ll be fawning over it for years to come.