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Updated Feb 05, 2015 @ 12:21 pm

The Backstreet Boys are in a middle of a comeback — but then again, it’s not like they ever left our hearts to begin with. Their brand new BSB documentary, Show Em What Your Made Of, is currently playing in theaters. Also, it’s on VOD if you don’t want to leave your house to bask in some BSB glory.

The documentary is filled with awesome little BSB nuggets, but the real BSB gems seem to be coming from their press tour, which the guys — Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson — are doing to promote the movie, of course. (You seriously don’t have to tell us twice to watch this movie, guys). If you’re hankering for some BSB behind-the-scenes info, we’ve rounded up the best stuff we’ve learned so far. These are gems, I tell you, GEMS.

Ryan Gosling was almost a Backstreet Boy

You’re reading that correctly. The boys are from Orlando, and Orlando is where Disney shot The Mickey Mouse Club (you know, the show Ryan Gosling got his start on) once upon a time. Gosling happened to live in the same apartment complex as AJ. “My apartment was literally adjacent to a racquetball-slash-basketball court, so I was out there everyday after school shooting hoops. Ryan and I became friends just playing basketball together,” he explained to Huffington Post. AJ joked that Gosling should join the group, but Gosling “just kind of nodded and was like, ‘Huh.'” That dream obviously never came true, but can you even IMAGINE?

Brian and Nick were inseparable BFFs

As AJ told HuffPo, “Those two were two peas in a pod. They were Frick and Frack, which fans had nicknamed them. They were inseparable. Basketball. Video games. If you didn’t know where Brian was, just ask for where Nick is. That’s how it was for years. And I think because of what Nick’s gone through with his family and losing parents in the sense that they divorced and just all the stuff he’s been through with his family over the years. He looked up to Brian.”

Kevin added, “Nick idolized Brian in the group. When we were first starting out, when we were really young they bonded. They were inseparable. They were real tight in the beginning. Brian is a really good athlete, he’s a great basketball player. Brian used to play hoops all the time, whatever country we were in. If we had any time off they’d be like, ‘All right, we’re leaving the hotel, we’ll find a gym and play basketball,’ and that’s what they did.”

BSB isn’t really in tune with the boy bands of today

Talking to E!, the guys were asked to name the members of One Direction. Their answer? “Niall, Harry, Zayne, Harry again, Donnie, Ricky and Mike. Eh, maybe there’s a Nigel in there, too?” They do know that the Jonas Brothers broke up, and they seem to really like Nick Jonas’ “Jealous.” But what really matters is that they’re still up to date on their NKOTB and NSYNC trivia — phew.

They’re still not entirely OK with Lou Pearlman

The band’s manager, Pearlman, swindled money out of BSB every way he could, and is currently serving time in prison. Because of Pearlman’s scheming, the guys saw relatively no money from many of their sold-out concerts, and were living on the road off of basically nothing. They wanted to visit Pearlman in prison for the documentary — “We wanted to have a heart-to-heart and just simply ask, ‘Why’?” — but because of security reasons, they couldn’t get approval from the warden.

Brian kinda wants a Grammy

Totally understandably. BSB has been nominated numerous times before, but has never won. As Brian put it, all he’s looking for is a little recognition from the music industry, which by now the guys have certainly earned. As Brian explained to the LA Times, “With the term ‘boy band’ — people toss it to the side and think it was a generational movement that won’t happen again. And yet we’re still kicking. We’ve been nominated for a ton of Grammys but have never won. It would be nice, from an industry standpoint, for someone to go, ‘Hey, well done.’”

The original cut of Show Em What Your Made Of was three hours long

Please, let that be available on DVD some day. AJ told Rolling Stone, “I can’t even tell you how many edits we went through. The original was over three hours long. We were like, ‘People will fall asleep. We have to condense this down to an hour and 45 minutes, two hours max.'” Yeah, but think of the bonus features, guys!

Kevin’s return to the group was A-OK

For about seven years, Kevin was absent from the BSB roster. AJ worried that it was going to be ” kinda sticky-icky and rough.” But when Kevin made a surprise appearance during their concert at the Staples Center, “we’ve never heard the decibel level we heard in that moment. That’s when I knew the impact of the five of us. The Backstreet Boys is five. We kept the brand going as four, but in my opinion we weren’t truly the Backstreet Boys until Kevin came back.” And we’re so happy Kevin’s back, too.

Also, they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon

As AJ perfectly put it, “We’ve been doing this for 22 years. If we were going to end it, that would have happened 11 years ago. Once we reached our 20-year mark, I think we’ve gotten over the hump. I think now we’re going to embark on 20 more.”

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