Emily Baines
July 11, 2016 2:53 pm

There’s a trend right now to develop movies based on recent real-life events. For instance, our BFF Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Elizabeth Holmes, the executive behind the controversial blood-testing company Theranos that’s been under investigation these past few years, in the movie Bad Blood. The writer/director of that project, Adam McKay, recently won an Oscar for The Big Short, a take on the housing bubble’s collapse. Movies with actors portraying still-living people are so in right now. So when we hear that beloved Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has designs on playing Donald Trump, we can’t wait to see what movie executive takes the bait!

Cranston performed his spot-on Trump impression while visiting Today after host Carson Daly pointed out that Cranston has a history of playing real-life figures. (Cranston recently starred as late President Lyndon B. Johnson in HBO’s All The Way and Dalton Trumbo in the film Trumbo.) Carson asked Cranston what other real-life figures might want to portray. And Cranston’s response was shocking:

He then went on to do a rather impressive impression of the Republican Presidential Nominee, complete with Trump’s facial expressions and memorable mannerisms.

There’s no need to audition further, Cranston — in our hearts you have the part!

See the interview below: