The cast of Broadway’s “Aladdin” perform the mannequin challenge, show us a whole new world

The world is absolutely obsessed with the latest viral social media challenge, and for good reason — it’s visually pleasing and altogether the coolest. Perfect example: The cast of Broadway’s Aladdin performed the mannequin challenge and blew everyone else out of the water.

Seriously, their performance is epic, which isn’t terribly surprising. You know, considering they’re Broadway performers.

It’s hard to beat a bunch of Broadway actors straight out of The Arabian Nights being super inventive with their poses while surrounded by the most magical set ever. It also doesn’t hurt that the camera soared through their poses like a magic carpet ride.

The video was posted to the Aladdin Twitter page:

Also, that wink at the end by James Monroe Iglehart, AKA Genie, is perfection.

Many celebrities have taken on the challenge and are also nailing it pretty hard.

Here’s Adele’s saloon-inspired mannequin challenge:

And here’s Britney Spears’ version set to her song “Slumber Party,” off her new album Glory:

When the Cleveland Cavaliers stopped by the White House, they struck a post with FLOTUS Michelle Obama:

And of course there was Hillary Clinton’s mannequin challenge done on Election Day:

We’re certain the challenge will get old eventually, but that definitely hasn’t happened yet. Keep the videos coming, everyone!

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