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Know three ladies who know how to do Halloween right? Abbi, Ilana and RBG, of course. But already, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Since Broad City won’t be back in our lives for a few more months, there’s now a brand new Hack Into Broad City short, and it’s all about choosing the best Halloween costume.

Perfect timing, ladies. The alter egos of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer — also named Abbi and Ilana, conveniently enough — are having a tough time deciding on what to be for the big day. They totally get the idea of dressing “slutty” but why wear heels and something sheer when it could be cold outside? No one wants that.

Besides, Abbi and Ilana can dress as if it’s Halloween every other day of the YEAR. Now’s the time for them to actually dress up. So now suggestions for a perfect costume that is warm and comfortable and also super empowering? The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsberg, of course. Are they best friends, or are they BEST FRIENDS? But just like there are going to be a million Harley Quinn’s this year, expect a lot of RGB’s too, something Abbi and Ilana learn the hard way. Nothing a quick Judge Judy wig can’t fix.

Check out the Hack Into Broad City video below — and fair warning, there’s some language since this is Abbi and Ilana after all. And remember, muumuus are actually incredibly comfortable and also very empowering.

Image via YouTube