Jill Layton
August 18, 2016 12:46 pm
Kevin Mazur/Fox/WireImage

Madonna Ciccone (yes, she has a last name) turned 58 on Tuesday, and she’s been celebrating all week.

Because she’s Madonna. She can celebrate forever if she wants to!

Perez Hilton / giphy.com

Britney Spears – Madonna’s long-time friend and one-time, lip-locking partner – took to Instagram to wish her pal a very happy birthday. Along with her 5-year-old niece Lexi, Spears did a little birthday dance to “Vogue.”

Lexi technically danced with a foam roller, but still, it’s adorable.

“Pre-show warm up! Wishing a happy belated birthday to @madonna!! 💋,” Spears wrote.

Madonna has been celebrating her birthday in Cuba this week, accompanied by her friends, her kids, her kids’ friends, and probably a bunch of bodyguards.

And not gonna lie, kindaaaa wish we were invited.

In the above, you can see Madonna dancing the Mambo with her son Rocco. And not surprisingly, he’s got some moves.

Lola (Madonna’s daughter) also joined in on the fun, yet she comically looks less-than-thrilled to be getting her photo taken by her mom (we’ve been there, girl):

Here’s M sipping piña coladas with her girlfriends. See? She’s just like us:

Except way different, because… well… she’s Madonna: