britney spears vegas
Credit: Mondadori Portfolio / Getty

’90s (and forever) musical queen of our hearts, Britney Spears recently revamped her amazing residency show in Las Vegas, Britney: Piece of Me. And with revamps comes glorious, new costumes. Of course, there have been some leaks online already of all her new looks, but here are the beautiful, high-res images you deserve.

This red, one-armed stunner.

This gorgeous green gem-colored look.

This simple, yet sexy, black peep-through…

…and its bright white counterpart.

This mysteriously cool pink combo.

This ~fiery~ coat and boots number.

This old-school cool tie and varsity shirt combo.

And finally, this simply awesome green, sparkly leotard.

Congrats on your renewed residency Britney!