Britney Spears at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas
Credit: Marco PiracciniArchivio Marco PiracciniMondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Britney Spears debuted her new album cover today and it is giving us all sorts of nostalgic feelings:

As excited as we are for Glory (which debuts 8/26), we can’t help but compare this album cover to some of Britney’s past album cover endeavors. Many of her past albums also seemed to feature a tight close up of her face. Not that we blame Britney’s marketing team—she is glorious. (After all, this is the woman who defined our teenhood. Even Beyonce is a fan!)

Below are five album covers from Britney’s past that we can’t help but think of when staring longingly at her latest.

Baby One More Time—1999

Perhaps for many of us the most memorable of Britney’s albums (this was on repeat for most of my middle school sleepovers), Britney starts to develop her album look with this cover. Only in this album, compared to her others, she appears more youthful and innocent, not to mention brunette.

In The Zone—2003


As Phil Freeman writes for The Awl, “This one is the absolute nadir. The blue-tinted head shot, the stock font; it looks like the cover to a cassette single from 1990 by some dance-pop one-hit wonder.” And yet, Britney is far from a one-hit wonder. She’s a marvel.


Britney appears to have more fun with this album cover, giving it a real circus-like feel, font and all. This album cover, unlike many of her others, gives us a wider lens look at our star.

Femme Fatale—2011

Even in 2011, Britney had those knowing, sultry eyes. Femme Fatale, indeed.

Britney Jean—2013

And yet, as similar as her covers may be, it’s been a pleasure watching Britney grow as an artist and as an individual. We’re so proud of her! We can’t wait to check out Glory and see how it compares to the rest of her impressive body of work. We’re certain we’ll be blown away.