Credit: JIVE Records/Getty Images;Stephen Lovekin

Britney Spears just shared the most 2000s nostalgia-inducing photo on her Instagram, and it’s making our Friday complete. The image shows Britney standing next to Kevin Bacon, who is casually wearing the red jumpsuit from the “Oops I Did It Again” music video. To be fair, Bacon may make you feel ’80s vibes, which is also an acceptable feeling to have.

The pic is from the shoot of an Apple Music (combined with EE, a U.K. cell phone company) commercial. In the commercial, Bacon has gotta, gotta, cut loose, and is doing so by dancing through the streets of London, rocking a familiar red jumpsuit. All seems well and good for our footloose and free friend, when he gets caught red-handed (or more appropriately, red jumpsuit’d) by the owner of the jumpsuit in question, Britney Spears.

Credit: Apple Music/YouTube

She chides him, “Kevin? What have I told you about going through my wardrobe?” To which he appropriately responds, “Oops, I did it again.” and then proceeds to groove because if an entire town can’t stop Kevin Bacon from dancing, neither can Britney Spears.

Credit: Apple Music/YouTube

Watch part of the commercial here:

Alas, neither the ’80s nor the ’00s are truly back, nor will they ever be. But thank goodness for lovable icons who are willing to remind us of the good times.