Alim Kheraj
August 08, 2016 2:30 am
RCA Records

In between sharing adorable pictures of her two lovely children and turning into an actual mermaid, Britney Spears is also the full time princess of pop.

The current reigning Queen of Las Vegas is currently prepping to release her ninth album, Glory, at the end of August, and has so far teased fans with two tracks from the album, the lead single “Make Me…” and the sexy “Private Show.”

Over her nearly 20 year career, Britney has become synonymous with incredible music videos, killer choreography, and iconic dance routines. We’re pretty sure that almost *everyone* we know has tried their hand at recreating the “I’m A Slave 4 U” routine.

Jive/Sony Music Entertainment

So, when news came that Ms. Spears was shooting her new music for “Make Me…” with the iconic photographer and director David LaChapelle, fans were obviously excited. This excitement was only exasperated when clips from the video started to leak on social media last month.

However, on Friday Britney finally released the video for “Make Me…” and things were a little different than fans initially expected.

It seems that somewhere along the way, the David LaChapelle video didn’t make the cut, and instead Camp Spears decided to head in a new direction.

The new video sees Britney and her girlfriends auditioning sexy shirtless men, before Britney pairs off with one of them for a steamy bedroom scene. The video is super cute and funny, Britney looks amazing, and it shows a really goofy side to her personality that we just love.

RCA Records

Unfortunately, some fans weren’t happy about the final product and felt like the LaChapelle video should have been used.

In fact, one fan was so perturbed by the new video that they started a petition, which has so far gathered over 13,000 signatures.

“Since the music video for Britney Spears’ lead single, “Make Me…” to her new album “Glory” has been released, we Britney fans find that the music video is not a suitable representation of the song and we are calling for the original video to be released (Yes, we know there was a video shot by David LaChapelle before this one, parts of it have already leaked),” the petition reads. “We ask that RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment release the original video that was filmed by David LaChapelle for the song.” 


According to reports by E!News, the original video concept by David LaChapelle was cancelled due to “creative differences.”

Taking to Facebook, prominent Britney Spears fan and editor-and-chief of PopCrush, Bradley Stern (aka MuuMuse), wrote a long statement chastising fans for not accepting Britney’s vision.

“While some throw hissy fits and sign e-petitions like entitled children because of a MUSIC VIDEO, acting as if the scrapped concept was a stroke of genius and not a messy abstract fever dream of electrocuted dancers and cheetahs eating meat,” he wrote, “I’m here gagged by the beauty and ready for 17 tracks of NEW MUSIC.” 

Continuing, he added, “She released an average video, not a retirement notice. Kindly get a fucking grip…✌🏼️” 

We have to say, we agree with Bradley. If team Britney decided that the original music video wasn’t right, then we’re sure they made the right decision. We think it takes a lot of guts to pull the plug on something by a prestigious director that you don’t think their video is right, and we totally respect her decisions as an artist.

It seems that Britney isn’t too bothered about a little bit of negativity either. The singer and 34-year-old mom of two shared a sweet #VacationGoals video on to Instagram.

So. Cute.

Britney Spears releases her new album, Glory, on 26 August.