Karen Belz
August 29, 2016 12:18 pm

Legally Blonde is one of those movies where, if it’s on, you watch it. Even if there’s only fifteen minutes left, you know that it’ll be way better than fifteen minutes of anything else currently on television. With our Legally Blonde obsession in mind, it’s definitely good to know that one pair of movie friends kept in touch after the film wrapped in 2001.

While you definitely remember Selma Blair’s character of Vivian, you might not remember her buddy Claire immediately.

But, this picture will definitely refresh your memory.

Claire was played by Samantha Lemole, who went on to have a few small parts in other films — notably Saw V and Saw VI, where she played Pamela Jenkins. Based on Selma’s photo, it looks like she now has a brand new role in the thriller film Mom and Dad (which is currently filming), putting her right back on the set with Selma Blair. And both of them look pretty excited about it — in fact, both women shared slightly different selfies of the meet-up on their Instagram accounts.

“Besties again!! @slemole we are still kickin it,” Blair writes.

And of course, from Lemole’s camera phone:

Super cute pictures indeed! Now, if only we could get Reese Witherspoon to maybe make an appearance on set…