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May 15, 2015 3:05 am

Today, 15 years after the finale of Boy Meets World, one of the show’s most beloved characters joins the cast of Girl Meets World for a reunion episode. We’re talking, of course, about Eric Matthews.

From inventing the Feeney call to being able to pull his shirt through his fly (you gotta admit that’s impressive), Eric was a million perfect guys all rolled into one. And here are 23 moments he proved it.

When he realized it’s OK to be a townie

Feeling down about not getting into college or having any dates to go on, Eric appears on “Singled Out” (those were the days, MTV) and lies about being a student because he’s embarrassed that he’s a townie. He picks the final girl because she also prefers hot cocoa over a hot shower (who wouldn’t?), and they go on a date at Chubbies. It’s during this date that they reveal they both lied about being college students and realize that’s not such a bad thing after all.

When he learned what it’s really like to be a parent

Eric fell hard for Kelly, but he also fell hard for her young son, Ryan. Eric and Ryan loved spending time together, but Kelly and Eric lived such different lives that they couldn’t make it work. Eric realized just how hard it is to be a parent and comes to appreciate his own.

When he wanted to have a better relationship with his father

Eric and Cory’s father, Alan, provides a lot of wisdom throughout the show, but it’s his sons who teach him a lesson in “Raging Cory.” Cory gets Alan’s brain while Eric gets the World Wide of Sports, but it’s not enough for either one of them. They both have the courage to tell their father they each want a complete relationship with him, and it’s very inspiring.

When he gave his good luck penny to Cory

Eric is thrilled when he finds a lucky penny, thinking he’s invincible now, but when he sees that Cory and Topanga are going through a rough patch, he gives his lucky penny to Cory in the hopes that it will help the couple reconcile. Only Eric could get struck by lightning indoors.

When he did the “Hot Stuff” dance

Cory and Shawn make Topanga and Angela mad for being jealous of their male co-workers. Alan makes Amy mad by paying more attention to his new satellite dish than her. Mr. Feeny makes Katherine mad because he doesn’t like her poetry. Jack makes his girlfriend mad because he doesn’t visit her when she’s sick.

Who’s there to help them all? Eric. By arranging a sexy dance number for the ladies at the Boom Boom Room.

When he played Santa

Eric, Rachel and Jack volunteer at a department store to spread some Christmas cheer. Eric isn’t really into it at the beginning, but he learns what the true meaning of Christmas is when he meets a group of orphans, particularly one young boy named Tommy, who he later tries to adopt.

When he officiated Cory and Topanga’s wedding

Eric truly made Cory and Topanga’s big day one to remember. Not only did he arrange (if by arrange, you mean lie) for the ceremony to be at the Philadelphia Victorian Hotel, but he also booked the honeymoon suite for Cory and Topanga. All they had to do was say they are Howard and Myra Peterman. What’s the big deal?

When he played Romeo

While he originally started out as a set designer, Eric soon became the lead in Pennbrook’s production of “Romeo and Juliet,” finding his true calling in Shakespearean acting. This also led to an audition for the role of the older brother on “Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe.” However, Eric can’t seem to break his Shakespearean acting habits (“Me thinks you shrunk my socks on purpose), so he doesn’t get the part. We personally think he’s better off.

When he was a “loser freak”

Corinna is a singer who likes to play outside of Alan’s store, which drives customers away. Eric takes her to lunch to tell her to play somewhere else, but Corinna ends up falling for him. When Eric tells her he’s not interested, Corinna writes angry chick music about him, calling him “shallow” and a “loser freak.” You have to admit that those were catchy songs!

When he won the newlywed game like a boss

Not many people’s favorite fish is penguin, but that’s what makes Eric so amazing – he’s like no one else.

When he helped set Mr. Feeny up with the dean

Mr. Feeny has a secret crush on Dean Bolander, and it’s up to Eric to help Mr. Feeny get his “booty” when her ex threatens to get in the way (“You’re in a triangle, Feeny”). He turns to Cory and Shawn for help a la “The Godfather,” and they’re able to unite the two when Mr. Feeny saves her from being stung by an African killer bee.

When he knew friendship was more important than winning

“The War” and “Seven the Hard Way” were some of the best episodes of the whole series. While the pranks were funny (a car in Rachel’s room and a bear in the classroom), things got out of hand when Cory and Shawn posted an intimate picture of Rachel in the student union. It was Eric who brought the group back together when he made the revelation: “Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself.”

And I have to mention Mr. Plays with Squirrels (Eric in a flash forward), who is happily married to a moose because they “don’t need counseling,” unlike future Cory and Topanga.

When he supported true monkey love

Eric and Jack get jobs at the student union, with Jack being the manager and Eric being, well, Eric. When Jack asks Eric to take the money from the register to the bank, deposit it and come right back (or take my mommy to see Frank, clean my closet, take a nap), Eric gives the money to an organ player so he can reunite his monkey Little Eric with his one true love, Isabella.

When he ate a slice of pizza in one bite

Like most sane people, I love pizza. I also love men who love pizza, and Eric is definitely one of those men, telling Topanga she’s fat just so she’ll give him her pizza and then shoving an entire slice in his face. Is it weird to say I find that sexy?

When he knew how to properly propose to a woman

Feeling slighted because he was demoted from being best man in Cory and Topanga’s wedding (setting things on fire will do that), Eric decided he would be the groom instead, proposing to Topanga in a silk robe and asking her to make “nik-nik.”

When he was a detective

When Eric doesn’t get into college, he spends his days in his bathrobe watching detective shows and eating Coca Puffs, which is how the Good-Looking Detective was born.

“When a crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout ‘Get the good-looking guy. Book ‘em, good-looking.’”

When he got in touch with his feminine side

When Eric and Jack see Crazy Luther and his gang stealing from the student union, they go into hiding as women in order to avoid having their fingers bit off. As Chantal, Eric wasn’t that beautiful on the outside, but he was certainly beautiful on the inside, which is what truly matters.

When he took stalking to a whole new level

After Topanga, Angela and Rachel beat Eric and Jack at a wrestling match for the apartment, Eric makes it his mission to get revenge on Topanga. From posing as the farmer in an American Gothic painting to dressing up as a tree, Eric goes to many lengths to sneak attack Topanga. This has to be one of the funniest episodes ever, especially the bloopers.

When he came to Feffy’s rescue

Hands down the best episode of “Boy Meets World” is “And Then There Was Shawn.” It’s also one of the best (and scariest) Halloween specials ever. Not only does Eric keep making “South Park” references (“Howdy-ho” and “Oh my god, they killed Feeny”), but he also bravely comes to the aid of Jennifer Love Fefferman when she is injured under a pile of books, only to also be killed by a pile of books.

When he did the Feeny call

Of course, Eric’s Feeny call had to be number one on my list. Nothing brings joy into people’s hearts more than a good Feeny call. From screaming it at the top of his lungs to making a Mr. Feeny look alike doll that says it, there are so many good Feeny calls that I couldn’t choose just one.

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