Kenya Foy
August 09, 2016 8:18 am
Codex Silenda /

Calling all book lovers and puzzle enthusiasts: We have a doozy of a recommendation that ranks high up on the list of “Things You Need in Your Lives ASAPtually.” Puzzle designer Brady Whitney’s Codex Silenda is a book crafted entirely from laser-cut wood. Each of its five pages is a mechanical puzzle, so it’s safe to say that it requires considerably more effort than your average read. The story follows an apprentice in Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop who is tasked with solving the puzzle with the reader’s help.

Here’s a look at Whitney’s literary Rubik’s Cube in its entirety:

Codex Silenda looks all kinds of awesome-sauce, doesn’t it? Seriously, this might be the closest you’ll ever come to being Bastian from The NeverEnding Story, minus the kick-ass luck dragon or the responsibility of stopping total world obliteration.

Warner Bros. /

Fortunately, Whitney has launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of making his brilliant book-meets-puzzle creation available to the masses. Astoundingly, the campaign has already surpassed its original $30,000 goal five times over. The assembled books are sold out, but a $125 contribution will allow you to pre-order an disassembled copy, which will arrive at the end of December.

Yikes. Assembling all of the pieces sounds daunting to say the least. But TBQH, this book looks way too cool to pass up.