Heather Mason
March 02, 2017 2:06 pm

Whether you love those Where’s Waldo books or not, we have a feeling you’ll love this new edition we just found. Instead of looking for Waldo, in this new book, you’ll be searching for Beyoncé. Since the entire world is pretty much obsessed with Beyoncé, it’s not a stretch to say that we’d all search hours and hours to find her. So, let’s get started!

The new book is called Finding Beyoncé and you can own a copy for yourself! The book features pages and pages of scenes to search for Queen Bey in. Here are a few test pages for you to hone your skills with.

Can you find Bey in this scene from the Museum of Beyoncé? Which, let’s face it, will totally exist sometime in the future.

Finding Beyoncé / Sugoi Books

Okay, searchers now let’s get in Formation. This page is clearly a tribute to Lemonade, the most recent and most life-changing addition to Beyoncé’s legacy. Tell him “boy bye” and start searching for B in this beautiful piece of art.

Finding Beyoncé / Sugoi Books
Finding Beyoncé / Sugoi Books

So how much do those involved love B? A LOT. According to their website, multiple illustrators contributed to the book and “weaved in their favourite Bey references to create pretty magical dreamscapes and fantasies.” Well, they were pretty successful. There’s something in the book for everyone. Whether you’re obsessed with Beyoncé (and who isn’t?!?), just looking for a fun coffee table book, or sick of trying to find that Waldo dude, you’ll love this book.

Make sure to grab a copy of your own and please don’t tell us the answers, aka NO SPOILERS!!