Channing Sargent
Updated Feb 04, 2017 @ 9:41 am
khamala khan
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You’ve likely seen David Mack’s watercolor art on the covers of comics Alias and Jessica Jones. But now, the artist is offering prints attached to a very cool cause. Proceeds from every officially licensed print of Mack’s ethereal rendition of Kamala Khan go to the ACLU.

The $25 prints are currently available through Golden Apple Comics’ online store. And don’t worry – there’s no limited run. So the risk of a sell-out is low.

Kamala Khan of the Ms. Marvel series is one of Marvel’s most popular teen heroes.

Her popularity among comic fans is a sign that Americans want not only a diverse society, but also one that embraces the middle east.

Some kids have already been turning to Khan as a role model in these trying times.

And even dressing up in her lightning-bolt super suit to fight discrimination.

Her image could garner some serious cash for the ACLU’s resistance of executive actions taken by Trump that ban immigration and entry from seven Muslim countries. And the ACLU is certainly taking some pretty amazing actions towards that issue.

The ACLU’s response and actions to the order secured the release of many of the first detainees. And they acted in conjunction with local lawyers and judges to protect their freedoms. That’s some serious heroism, right there.