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Leave it to the lovable Tom Hanks to make typewriters interesting. The beloved entertainer, who happily calls himself “America’s dad,” will soon publish a book all about typewriters. Of course, Hanks is no stranger to being a published writer. He’s previously been published in The New Yorker. And we’ve known that he’s had a book deal inked for years.

But now that we know the book will be all typewriter-themed, it makes the writing even more magical.

Hanks isn’t only writing about typewriters. The collection is seventeen unrelated stories. Each one of them will tell a separate tale. It’s just that the running theme that somehow connects all of the stories will be – you guessed it – typewriters.

The book’s title is also appropriately typewriter-themed. It’s called, Uncommon Type: Some Stories.

The themes of many of the stories are described on Amazon, where you can currently pre-order the book. Each one of them sounds like it’ll be filled with colorful words and delightful characters.

Hanks has been extremely dedicated to making this book a reality.

He would squeeze in his writing time any chance he got, no matter how busy schedule was.

The pre-order digital books are set to be delivered on October 24th, 2017. So that’s when we assume the book will be available, too. Until then, we’ll have to head up to our attics and see if we can find any hidden dusty typewriters to help us get in the spirit.