Credit: Sarah Hester Photography

Okay, we’re going to need all you grown up Harry Potter fans out there to sit down, take a deep breath, and maybe grab your smelling salts, because we have some incredibly unexpected — albeit completely amazing — news for you.

A professional photographer by the name of Sarah Hester got a real-life male model (and Harry Potter look-alike) to pose as Harry Potter in a super sexy photo shoot.

That’s right. Take a moment to step away from Pottermore (finding out your patronus for the 14th time can wait) and take a look at the below photos of one Mr. Zachary Howell (aka the Harry Potter of our dreams. Sorry Daniel Radcliffe, but you’ll totally understand where we’re coming from when you see these pics).

Now prepare yourselves.

Credit: Sarah Hester Photography

He has a WAND!

Credit: Sarah Hester Photography


Credit: Sarah Hester Photography

Okay this one is almost cruel. We love him so much.

Credit: Sarah Hester Photography

Now if you’re wondering about the backstory behind these dream pics, we’ve got that for you as well precious babies. Hester told us that,

She went on to describe the actual day of the shoot, saying,

She also said that she’s “totally shocked” by how fast these photos have spread (we’re not, because, um, LOOK AT THEM!), and also tells us she and Zach have several other “geeky projects” in the works.

Credit: Warner Bros/

Needless to say, WE CANNOT WAIT to see what else Hester has in store for us. We’re officially mega fans for life. Oh, and major shout-out to Cosmo for bringing this to our attention. We are forever in your debt.

And you can see images from the full shoot here (as well as all of Hester’s other stunning, albeit non-HP-related, work).