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Have you ever wanted to wash your books but didn’t know how? Well, if you live in Boston there is a carwash for books at this library, and it’s awesome.

We know it sounds bizarre, but it actually exists and will make your reading material less dusty and worn. So where does this dream carwash-style book cleaner live? At the Boston Public Library!

Leave it to a library that’s been around since 1852 to figure out how to clean books in the coolest way possible. Last week, the library posted a behind-the-scenes style video of their book-wash and it is exactly what it sounds like.

“A behind-the-scenes look at how we remove dust from our #books. It’s like a mini car wash for books, minus the water! #libraries #booklovers,” they wrote on Twitter.

The book goes through the “book wash” on a motorized conveyor belt, which has plastic, curtain-like strips on top. It is then dusted off from the side, with more brushes that really do look like your drive-through carwash. The item then switches direction for one final dust.

And, viola, your book is as good as new! It’s a pretty brilliant idea, seeing as SO many people touch and read the literature in the Boston Public Library.

Now if only your local library had one of these to clean your favorite reads. Or, even better, wouldn’t it be great if every bookworm could buy one of these babies?

The Huffington Post revealed that this machine has the ability to clean about 12 books a minute. Although it is super efficient, it is only used on normal reads, not anything rare or historic.

Okay, enough reading about reading, it’s time to dive into your next novel…ideally a clean one!