People are using a wide variety of tactics to make an impact during Women’s History Month, and some of them are super creative. To make a point about the gender disparity in the book industry, a bookstore has turned all books by men backwards — and the pictures of the shelves at Loganberry Books in Cleveland are powerful and shocking.

Like so many other fields, women are depressingly underrepresented in literature — and Harriet Logan, the bookstore’s founder and owner, makes an effort all year round to carry as many female authors as possible.

Logan estimates that approximately 37% of the fiction books carried by Loganberry were penned by women — and she plans to keep the display up until March 15th.

Re-shelving approximately 10,000 books is no small feat — so Logan held a live performance art project to get the job done.

Not only has the bookstore received an overwhelmingly positive response from Loganberry’s customers, but other members of the literary community have taken notice.

As Loganberry’s display shows, we can adjust our every day hobbies and habits in order to elevate women’s voices — there’s certainly no shortage of amazing books by female authors, so let’s support them and show the publishing industry that female voices are invaluable to literature.