Alyssa Thorne
March 30, 2017 2:50 pm
Warner Bros

The latest sexist takedown hashtag on Twitter is hashtag “thanks for typing,” a series of photos of book dedications where male authors thank their wives for typing their books. This isn’t the first Twitter trend to point out particularly gross practices in the arts — bless you, feminist script intros — only the most recent one to make us want to light basically everything around us on fire. We’re completely and utterly baffled by the sheer number of male authors who had the audacity to ask their wives to type their manuscripts for them. UGH.

Let’s take a peek at these delightful dedications, shall we?

It’s not totally unexpected given the age of these manuscripts that this would be deemed acceptable behavior, but it is super infuriating to think that, since female writers still struggle to get the respect and attention they deserve, they were asked to participate in the most boring part of the process. And only to amplify their husbands voices, rather than project their own.

The work wasn’t even limited to just editing — a lot of these wives did considerable amount of work on behalf of their husbands, and weren’t even properly credited, just given a thanks to “my wife.”

This unpaid, uncredited, work wasn’t limited to just wives — some of these men even got their daughters to perform labor for them too. Double groan.

What’s maybe the most infuriating part of these dedications? None of these women are mentioned by name.

The amount of work women contribute with absolutely no credit is increasingly a topic of discussion in academia and history, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to think of the women who made more substantial contributions to almost every field than we will ever know who weren’t even valued enough to be thanked by name.