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If, like us, you grew up hiding under the covers with your nose in a book and a flashlight in hand, you’re going to *love* these tattoos. Perfect for every book-lover (and anyone who likes a bit of creative body art), these tattoos are big and small, vibrant and delicate, and a constant reminder to KEEP READING, no matter how busy and hectic our lives get. Because, seriously, as these stunning tattoos encourage us to keep in mind, we have lived so many lives by reading. Why not live a couple (or a dozen) more?

Here are some of our fave tattoos for every book-lover!

1. Perfect for a future librarian

BRB, texting to our book club squad.

2. This Harry Potter classic

It really never gets old.

3. This delicate illustration

We seriously dig this.

4. For every book-lover

Yes, yes, and yes.

5. The storybook beginning

Ah, our hearts!

6. This relatable tale

So much nostalgia.

7. This metallic gorgeousness

We love that pop of color.

8. This tribute to a childhood classic

It’s really so sweet.

9. This stunning illustration

What a beautiful tattoo.

10. This bright stack

Need color in your life? This is EPIC.

11. This ode to The Giving Tree

Instant crying.

12. This chic watercolor

Loving that delicate swirl of color.

13. This Beauty And The Beast stunner

OMG, yes.

14. This dreamy geometric pile

We love this artsy twist.

15. This teensy classic

So easy to hide.

16. Perfect for every book-lover and grammar nerd

17. This artful sketch

We’d rock the heck outta this.

18. This vibrant tattoo

Perfect for our ~artsy~ souls.