Do you dream about writing the Next Great American Novel? If you’re like many other would-be writers across the country, then writing a novel is at the top of your to-do list. However, that ambition isn’t enough to get you published — thinking of an idea and getting it onto paper holds back many wannabe authors. But a new literary contest could be the answer to your novel-writing prayers, because there is no manuscript required!

The contest aims to encourage out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to the social sciences. The contest is open to authors of all backgrounds from all around the world — regardless of whether they’ve been previously published or not.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Typically, contest applications would have to submit their manuscripts for consideration. However, applicants of the Nine Dots Prize are instead asked to give a 3,000-word response to the question: “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?” Applicants must also submit an outline explaining how the response will be expanded into a book.

Thinking about applying? You can submit entries between October 21st through January 31st, 2017, with the winner selected by a panel of 12 judges of academics, writers, and “thinkers.” So time to get writing, aspiring novelists!