Alyssa Thorne
Updated September 21, 2016
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John Green became internationally beloved and almost ubiquitously read when his book The Fault in Our Stars skyrocketed in popularity. You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who hasn’t read at least one of his books, or seen one of his vlogs. His writing is both fun and touching, and between his books and his YouTube channel, we’ve definitely learned a lot from him.

Unfortunately, in a recent vlog, John Green made it known that we might not ever get another book from him, and we’re totally heartbroken.

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After The Fault in Our Stars, John Green released a book every couple of years — but it’s been about five years since his last book, and fans have been wondering when his next book is coming out. However, John Green has potentially permanent writer’s block and, although he recently attempted to write another book, the pressure of his past successes got to him.

Not only are we so sad that we might never read another John Green book, but the way he talks about writing kind of breaks our hearts in a major way.

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Check out the full vlog below, and try to hold yourself together (we won’t blame you if you can’t).