No matter how fiercely your love for Harry Potter burns, die-hard fans can’t help but notice some glaring Harry Potter-related plot holes. Seriously, there’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated exclusivelyto inconsistencies.

One of the biggest fan quibbles has been over the Weasley twins’ Marauders Map, and why the boys never figured out that Peter Pettigrew was secretly sleeping in Ron’s bed every night, disguised as a rat.

Well, we might have FINALLY gotten an answer…courtesy of George Weasley himself.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Oliver Phelps, who played George in the film series, explained that the twins probably did notice Peter’s name on the map, but just didn’t want to bring it up with their brother.


Phelps added that Ron’s eventual romantic relationships with women might have thrown the family for a loop.

“When it came out that he got with Hermione, they were like, ‘Oh,’” he said.

Okay, so this is all clearly speculation, BUT Phelps did add that J.K. Rowling treated him to some crucial behind-the-scenes secrets during the filming of Harry Potter, which means he’s as good a source as any.

Now we’re patiently waiting for any and all of that other juicy Harry Potter information Rowling might have given you, Oliver…