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J.K. Rowling may be on to new things — hello, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them — but that doesn’t mean we’re not still thinking about the seven OG Harry Potter books.

A new fan theory is circulating about the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and it’s totally blowing our minds. Bustle called our attention to Redditor Darkcollecter’s theory about how Harry won the first challenge, and, while we never picked up on it before, it makes total sense.

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Let us break it down for you:

The First Task required the competitors to snatch a golden egg from the den of an angry mother dragon. As Harry holds the position of Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, we know that he’s already good at chasing after gold roundish objects. Harry had to face off against the Hungarian Horntail, the most dangerous of all the dragons.

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We know, you already know all this. But here’s where it gets interesting: After Harry uses a Summoning Charm to call his broomstick and flies into the air, the book reads as follows:

Hmm, snake? Doesn’t Harry have a certain ability when it comes to communicating with snakes??

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While the text doesn’t explicitly say that Harry is speaking Parseltongue, doesn’t it seem like a pretty good possibility? Here’s what Darkcollecter had to say:

Thanks, Darkcollecter — you’ve definitely given us Potterheads something to stew over!

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