Alyssa Moore
Updated Aug 21, 2016 @ 12:29 pm
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The great Snape debate has been a hot-button issue among Harry Potter fans ever since Deathly Hallows first hit shelves in 2007. Everyone’s got an opinion: hero or villain? Good guy who made mistakes, or bad guy who only did “good” things out of guilt and obsession?


TBH, this argument will probably last for decades. Our children’s children will still be fighting about it.

But Reddit user always934’s recent observation may have given Team Anti-Snape another super- compelling example for their case. According to the Redditor, Snape seems to give particularly grisly detentions to his Gryffindor students…and in some instances, he makes little Gryffindors cut up the same kinds of animals that they keep as pets.

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Poor l’il Neville Longbottom, for example, before he got really cute and badass. What kind of pet does he have? A toad. (TREVOR!!!!) And during one of his many detentions (this one earned by melting a cauldron in Potions class)…

Snape makes him disembowel a whole barrel of toads.

And how about Ron, who for the first 2.75 books has a pet rat named Scabbers? Okay, we admit that this one gets complicated because (ICYMI) Ron never really liked Scabbers, and Scabbers later turned out to be a turncoat Death Eater in disguise. BUT STILL. During one of Ron’s frequent detentions with Harry, he’s forced to spend two hours pickling rat brains in the dungeon.

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Thank goodness Hermione never got a Snape detention, is all we can say.

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While the pattern doesn’t play out in all of the detentions Profesor Snape gives, in the Redditor’s own words, it definitely “adds an extra level of malice.” And it absolutely ignited one heck of a discussion, if the 200+ comments are anything to go by.

Well, we certainly missed this connection in our 704 read-throughs. Did you catch it, guys?