France’s very first independent bookstore, Librairie Mollat, opened its doors in 1896 — and today, it remains a “must-see” on any trip to Bordeaux. For the bookworms among us who can’t afford to hop on a plane for a visit, the French bookstore’s clever Instagram account is the next best thing. Librairie Mollat has 49,000 followers on the social media platform and, after one look at the account’s clever posts, you’ll definitely want to join in the fun.

Librarie Mollat posts photos of staff and customers as they pose to mirror book covers — right down to matching up with the colors and the clothes.

Check out some of the stellar poses.

Being in one of these amazing photos has officially moved straight to the top of my bucket list.

It turns out the France is not only home to the world’s best croissants and fashion houses, but it also boasts one of the coolest bookstores in the world. If anyone thinks ordering online beats the bookstore experience, Librairie Mollat will surely change their minds.