Gabriela Herstik
March 23, 2017 11:43 am

We could call it the Belle effect, but books are having a major moment right now. Or rather, book clubs are having a major moment right now.  The latest to accept this challenge is none other than Emma Roberts, whose Belletrist Book Club just announced their first book. Thanks to Beauty and the Beast and Belle’s love of reading, as well as books clubs like Oprah’s book club and Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf, it makes sense that more and more celebs are turning towards book clubs to connect with their fans.

As for Belletrist? Well, that’s curated by Emma and Karah Preiss, and they’ve just announced their first book, South and West by Joan Didion. On the site for Belletrist, Emma has an interview with the author, where they talk about the book, what it means to let go of past selves, and the relationship between acting and journalism. Emma also writes an essay for about what Joan Didion means to her, saying “You don’t just read Joan Didion. Joan Didion begins to inform your life.” Emma speaks of how she found Joan after a boy she liked handed her one of her books to “shut up.” She goes on to write a touching piece about the way home affects you, and how special New Orleans is. Emma explains she chose the book because, “The magic of Joan Didion is the way she helps you understand your life, your home, yourself and she has done exactly that again in South And West.

We’re sold and can’t wait to officially become members of Belletrist.