Karen Belz
August 24, 2016 10:54 am
Peter/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Reading Agatha Christie books was almost a childhood right — they were perfect for mystery lovers who wanted a bit more of an adult edge in their literature. It seems like her novels still have quite the draw, as well. After the BBC aired an adaptation of one of her most popular books, And Then There Were None, and found it to be wildly popular, they’ve decided to go ahead and greenlight seven more movies based on her timeless stories. These adaptations are set to air within the next four years.

So far, only three titles have been confirmedDeath Comes as the End, which takes place in Egypt; The ABC Murders, which focuses around a serial killer; and Ordeal By Innocence, which focuses around a murder in the family. It seems as if the latter will be the first one to finish production.

When asked about the new Christie titles in the works, Charlotte Moore, who is the director for BBC One Content, was definitely enthusiastic.

“Our combined creative ambition to reinvent Christie’s novels for a modern audience promises to bring event television of the highest quality to a new generation enjoyed by fans old and new,” she said in a statement.

We know that Agatha Christie would be incredibly proud right now.