Picture of Draco Malfoy Holding a Wand

Fact: Harry Potter is the absolute best. Fact: It’s filled with wonderfully creative storylines and loveable characters. Fact: Nobody’s favorite character is Draco Malfoy. Sorry, but Draco just isn’t “favorite” material. He’s rude, whiny and pompous. Sure, a tiny little part of you kinda feels bad for him by the end of the series, but you still don’t actually like him.

Now, let’s change everything you thought you knew about Draco. Enter: this deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. If this scene had been included in the final cut of the film, Draco would have played a very different role. Oh, and he would have changed the entire story. NBD.

To set the stage for the deleted scene, the Battle of Hogwarts is about to begin. Draco and Voldemort share a hug that clears up any confusion there might have been about his loyalties — Draco sides with the enemy. Harry, who everyone (except for Narcissa) thinks is now The Boy Who Died, surprises everyone by jumping to attention and getting down to business. But originally, these events were supposed to go very differently.

Check out the deleted scene that has the Internet’s blood boiling:

What’s this now? Just Draco, throwing Harry his wand so he could fight Voldemort. Just Draco, coming to Harry’s VERY PUBLIC rescue at the last moment. Just Draco, coming out a hero. This scene would have been Draco’s true turning point — the moment he realized he was one of the good guys after all.

I know what you’re thinking: What the what? Why? This did NOT happen in the book, so what purpose does it serve? And I’m with ya, though I do love anything behind-the-scenes related, and it’s always fun to see Voldemort with a nose. So, what’s the reason for the original scene idea? My best guess is to redeem Draco for all of his wrongdoings. This is a movie, after all, and people like to see the bad guys realize their faults and make good with the heroes. Usually, I’m all for that. The only problem is, this movie is based on a book — one where Draco definitely didn’t rush to Harry with a wand for forgiveness!

At the end of the day, I think it was just too cinematic and not true enough to the original Harry Potter story. It does make you wonder what might have been, though.

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