Credit: Pablo Cuadra / WireImage / Getty Images

When we were kids, and watching Spice World (because, of course we were) we never thought that Posh would one day have such incredibly talented children. Nor did we realize how fast those children would morph into adults. For example, Brooklyn Beckham is releasing his first photography book. At the age of 17. Yes, he’s already 17, and he’s already pretty well known in his industry.

The book, which will be published by Penguin, is called What I See, and focuses on some snaps that Brooklyn himself took throughout his teenage years. The child of Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham and David Beckham, it’ll be truly interesting to see the world through his eyes.

The book is set to be released in May of 2017. For a good glimpse of the type of photos Brooklyn takes, his Instagram serves as a pretty fantastic resource.

Of course, the book will be featuring a bunch of all new, never before seen photographs.

We can’t wait to see this gorgeous book in person, and think that Brooklyn Beckham is seriously one of the most talented teens around.