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When most people go to a bookstore, it’s to, you know, spend time with books — not to sit around staring at phones or laptops. There’s plenty of time for that at places that don’t involve books. Cut to: One bookstore in Wyoming is banning Wi-Fi, laptops, and phones for the absolute best reason.

Wind City Books in Casper, Wyoming hung a sign in the front of its shop that has been getting a lot of attention. The sign tells customers to put their electronics away, because books and coffee are all that are needed in a bookstore. (No distractions, no annoying phone conversations… it seems like a win/win to us.)

The internet has also been sharing the sign on social media, which is a pretty ironic turn of events. But hey — sharing is caring.

We absolutely love the idea of banning electronics amongst books. For people who love to read, electronics only get in the way of their alone time with their books. Long live bookstores, and long live 1993!