Briana Hansen
August 02, 2016 6:00 am
Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr

While any time of the year is a perfect excuse to lay back with a light-hearted novel and relax, there’s something especially delightful about easy summer reading. Here’s a list of some of the bestselling new books this summer that pretty much everyone is bringing with them to the beach (or if the beach isn’t available, just outdoors because we all know natural light is the best for truly relaxing imagination getaways).

The Girls

by: Emma Cline

The Girls

A fictional novel set in the late 1960s about a woman who finds herself pulled into a violent and mysterious cult thanks to the charisma of the leader and a growing obsession with one of the followers.

Girls on Fire by: Robin Wasserman

After a mysterious tragedy in a small town, an impressionable high schooler is befriended by a bad influence and has to navigate her way through the dangerous friendship before she loses herself down a dark path.

First Comes Love by: Emily Giffin

Two women who used to be inseparable have grown apart after a major rift. After fifteen years, they begin to re-navigate their relationship in the midst of completely new circumstances, only to have many of their external pretenses begin to shatter as their true selves shine below their long-held secrets.

Secondhand Souls by: Christopher Moore

In this lighthearted follow up to the comedic novel A Dirty Job, souls in San Francisco are being stolen and a motley crew of so-called “heroes” must try and figure out how to set it all stright.

The Singles Game by: Lauren Weisberger

The same woman who brought us The Devil Wears Prada and Revenge Wears Prada has a new novel about a tennis player who makes a pact that catapults her into the unfamiliar and overwhelming world of superstardom, a confusing world she has to try and figure out to in order to survive.

Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness by: Suzy Favor Hamilton

Former Olympian Suzy Hamilton opens up in this beautifully honest and vulnerable book about her struggles with fame, sport, and mental illness.

The Weekenders by: Mary Kay Andrews

A playful mystery about a woman whose relaxing and idyllic weekend turns out to be nothing like she expected (and she has to protect herself from the murderous reality).

Here’s to Us by: Elin Hilderbrand

Three women who all loved and married the same man attempt to navigate their tumultuous and complicated relationship with each other after his death.

The Lake House by: Kate Morton

This New York Times bestselling author tells the completely enthralling story of a family torn apart after a young child goes missing and the difficult truths that are uncovered by a curious outsider many decades later.

The Girl on the Train by: Paula Hawkins

If you haven’t yet read this incredibly intoxicating thriller (which is being turned into a movie), now is the time to see what everyone is talking (and continuing to read) about.