Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

We’ve had a dark couple of days this week, and yesterday our world was filled with beautifully painful words to help pick our shattered hearts up off the floor. It feels so strange to get back to everyday life, but we know it must be done. Even celebs like Anna Kendrick, who starts her book tour for Scrappy Little Nobody this week, have to return to work. But we so appreciate Anna, because as we start another dark day, she provides us with a message that makes us smile. Okay, we admit it, smile while still tearing up a little.

Anna Kendrick posted the final paragraph of her book, and it makes us smile.

Aww, we couldn’t possibly love Anna more, but this paragraph is actually perfect. And right now, we totally relate to her “pygmy ferret cornered and ready for a fight” vibe as we deal with this week’s events.

Of course, along with her chapter, Anna posted a heartfelt message that made us feel a little better.

We definitely relate to Anna’s feelings that self-promotion and humor feels weird. But she’s right that we need to focus on our connections to other people. And Anna’s message of love and support definitely make us smile. We love her for being a silly person peddling silly wears, and we hope she never stops doing it.

Scrappy Little Nobody will be available November 15th.

And at a time like this, we will take as much of Anna’s silly weirdness as we can get.

We love you, Anna! We can’t wait to read Scrappy Little Nobody!