Gabriela Herstik
October 13, 2017 4:38 pm

Back in August, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced that, after eight years of marriage, they would be legally separating. We were, of course, devastated, but we also respected that these two were doing what was best for themselves and their family. Now, additional details are being revealed about the couple’s relationship, as Anna has opened up about how she left her first husband, Ben Indra, for Chris.

In Anna’s upcoming autobiography, Unqualified  — which she recently published an excerpt of in The Daily Mail, and which features a foreword by Chris Pratt — Anna touches upon what it was like meeting Chris, and how she knew that her marriage to her first husband wasn’t going to work out.

Anna met Chris back in 2007, while they were both working on Take Me Home Tonight. Although Anna had been married to Indra for three years, she knew things weren’t heading in the right direction. Add in the instant and intense attraction she said she felt to Chris, and you start to see where things are going.

Apparently, things came to a peak one day when Anna was over at Chris’s apartment. She realized her feelings were too much to ignore, and she called Ben to tell him she was done with their marriage. Although Ben said she was “just tired,” she stood her ground. Shortly after that, Anna and Chris hooked up for the first time, which was apparently “hot and heavy.”

In the excerpt from Anna’s book, the actress writes,

Rune Hellestad - Corbis/ Getty

If you want more details about Anna and Chris, then you’ll just have to pick up Unqualified, which will be released later this month.