Creepy spirits who come after you in the dark? Check.

An age-old mystery-slash-vendettta? Check.

Kick ass female protagonist and fun gang of “friends”? CHECK.

It’s autumn here in New York, gentle reader, and as a lead up to the cold weather, the leaves crisping under my feet, and as many rewatchings of Hocus Pocus as I can possibly swallow, I was beyond thrilled when a copy of Kami Garcia’s new book Unbreakable arrived on my doorstep.

(Okay two arrived on my doorstep, but DON’T tell anyone.)

With my copy I got the cool fun things you can see in the picture including the fun jewelry, creepy pictures and awesome cigar box it all came in, but the most exciting part was definitely the book. I spent a weekend devouring the world of Kennedy and her “friends.”

I call them “friends” because they’re not really loving on each other like the Scooby gang or anything right at the beginning BUT YOU CAN SEE THE FOUNDATION.

Unbreakable doesn’t come out until October, but you should order it now and put it on your “read to get scared” list. There are great characters, scary spirits and some tie-ins to mythology that had me sitting up and going, “Oh my God, I think this is YA Da Vinci Code!” (I loved The Da Vinci Code so that is totally a compliment).

In addition to the fun swag I got with my review copy of Unbreakable, I bring you a fun interview from author Kami Garcia. You may know her from Beautiful Creatures. She’s kind of a big deal. AND she has some book recommendations for you, so read on!

Setting plays such an important role in Unbreakable. How did you pick this particular area of the country for Kennedy?

I like the ramp up of the brothers’ relationship and how Kennedy fits into the group. Did you set out thinking paranormal romance or did that come up as you wrote the characters and saw connections?

I have my gut feelings about what Kennedy’s specific talent is within the group – aside from the clear memorization of things – but I’m curious more about how you chose the specific talents that the others have. Are you working off of a specific type of troop of people or magic-doers for guidance or skills that work together?

As I’m sure you can tell by your early readers’ social media excitement, we’re devouring this new book. What kind of books do you dive into with the same kind of relish? Any recommendations for HelloGiggles readers?

What’s next for Kennedy? Any hints on when we’ll see the next chapter in the story (because I really want it soon even if this one isn’t quite out for public consumption yet) or where she’ll be heading in the next installment?

Okay, yes I did get this book as a review copy. But I don’t write about books I don’t love. SO. That alone should tell you I really liked it.

Feature Image via Kami Garcia; other image…by me and my old sad iPhone