Natasha Reda
January 08, 2018 9:56 am
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The 2018 Golden Globes saw a slew of women and men donning black to show their solidarity with victims of sexual harassment and abuse. However, actress Blanca Blanco decided to wear red to the Golden Globes. This caused many to wonder if Blanco had either missed the “all-black” memo, or if she was even perhaps taking a stand against the #MeToo movement. However, Blanco has since explained her decision.

“I love red,” she told Fox News. “Wearing red does not mean I am against the movement. I applaud and stand by the courageous actresses that continue to break the cycle of abuse through their actions and fashion style choices. It is one of many factors leading women to a safer place because of their status. I am excited about the Time’s Up movement; true change is long overdue.”

In the sea of black gowns and tuxedos, all eyes were on Blanco, who was just one of three women who showed up to the Globes wearing a colorful dress.

Hollywood Foreign Press President Meher Tatna also chose not to wear black, as did model and actress Barbara Meier.

Although many believed Blanco — a California-born actress who has acted in several small parts in lesser-known movies —should have taken part in Hollywood’s public stand against sexual abuse, she noted that shaming her online was not the answer.

While we were personally thrilled to see so many women and men coming together to support such an important cause, and would have honestly loved to see all attendees showing their strong, unequivocal support, we also agree that shaming is never the way to go. So here’s to standing up against sexual misconduct while remembering that everyone is deserving of respect.