Shaunna Murphy
Updated Jan 23, 2017 @ 4:50 pm

Over this past weekend, we heard from so many women around the globe, sharing their inspirational and motivating stories on what made them march.

Lively, of course, became a mom to her second daughter with Ryan Reynolds, Ines (little sister to James), on September 30th. We’re not sure if it’s being a mother to two girls, her famous, badass friendship with her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants cast mates, the current political climate in the United States, or something else — or, y’know, a combo of all of the above — that has made Lively speak up for feminism lately, but we’re so, so totally on board.

At the People’s Choice Awards just last week, she used her time onstage accepting the Favorite Dramatic Actress trophy for The Shallows (a movie that everyone should see if they like things that are good, btw) to speak on her feelings about “girl power,” saying,

And while she admitted she hasn’t yet met the Spice Girls yet (just about the only thing we have in common with Lively at this point, sadly), we’re excited to see Lively speak up for women — and even more hopeful that she’ll explore issues like intersectionality in the future.