Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 15, 2016 @ 12:54 pm
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Credit: Instagram/Blake Lively

As we’ve seen on her Instagram feed, Blake Lively has a great eye for interesting art — and chooses inspired pieces to decorate her home. Even though we still haven’t received an invitation to visit her home gallery, we’re not going to take it personally. We’re also not going to hesitate taking precious nuggets of art inspo from her! And lately she’s been focused on one artist in particular.

A Louisiana-based pop artist by the name of Ashley Longshore, to be exact. And apparently, Lively isn’t the only celeb fan.

Among Longshore’s list of collectors are Salma Hayek, Lorraine Schwartz, Eli Manning, and Penelope Cruz! NBD…just WHOA.

So, the thing that makes Longshore stand out is that she uses vibrant colors in her paintings, sometimes combining words with images to create something really playful and bold. Seriously, Lively’s latest wall art got us pretty obsessed! It was Teddy Roosevelt sporting a purple mustache and green tie.

Let’s just revisit that for a moment.

We were darn curious about Longshore’s inspirations, so we reached out for answers. Here’s what she had to say:

And to that (aka being a #BOSS), we say YES!

Now, for more art. Lively also posted this one of Anna Wintour, and we dig it.

Given the level of Longshore’s talent, it’s not surprising that she has lots of exciting things in the works! As well as “designing the decor and art for an incredible restaurant in Texas,” she has her first book coming out in 2017, called “You Don’t Look Fat You Look Crazy” which is about her path to becoming a badass artist. Phew…this is inspiring on every level.

“This is my self portrait with my favorite @yazbukey glasses.” Love it!

Freaking cool stuff, right? And to top off her busy plans, Longshore is also working on “livable art” in India, painting a new collection in Italy, and working on a new project that will “showcase the optimism and beauty of a moment when people feel confident and radiant.” GIRL POWER.