Elena Sheppard
June 09, 2016 2:48 pm
ittorio Zunino Celotto/ Getty Images

Raise your hand if you still know every word to “Under the Sea.” Is that all of us? Cool.

After seeing Blake Lively’s #TBT today, we have a feeling she’s raising her hand too. Blake posted a pic of her little kid self, surrounded by some of the best characters from The Little MermaidAriel, Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle. (Remember Scuttle?) Anyway, looks like this child of the ’80s was also rewinding her Little Mermaid VHS on the regular.

The pic was an Insta follow-up to a photo she posted of herself in a still for her new aquatic thriller The Shallows. 

While The Shallows is certainly not a cartoon musical (it appears to be a flick revolving around some sort of shark attack), it is nice to see Blake return to her ocean loving roots.

We also consider any Thursday that Blake posts a throwback to be a win, she’s just so good at the #TBT game.

Stars, they really are a part of our world.