While they often given us serious #relationshipgoals, Blake Lively gave a shoutout to the “best man” she knows, and it wasn’t to her husband Ryan Reynolds.

Normally, we’re totally in awe at just how in love Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds look. The pair, who have two children together, are constantly proving that they might just be the most perfect couple in Hollywood, even when Ryan is stirring the pot by causing battles between his wife and Jake Gyllenhaal over who is the better cook.

Seriously though, who isn’t just the tiniest bit envious of just how adorable they are!?

Yet, it seems that Blake Lively’s affinities could also lie with another man: John Legend.

Basically, Ryan and Blake attended the recent TIME’s 100 Most Influential People gala, in which Ryan was one of the honorees, and it seems that things became a bit complicated.

While celebrating at the event on Tuesday evening (April 25th), Blake decided to give a social media shout out to the “best man” that she knows. The only thing is, that man ain’t her husband.


Of course, this would be scandalous if we didn’t know that Blake Lively was totally joking, and what a cracking joke it is!

John Legend was also in attendance at the gala after being honored by TIME, and the singer performed at the event which he attended with his partner Chrissy Teigen.

However, perhaps Lively’s Insta post was a response to the fact that a certain Leslie Jones had been getting pretty cosy with her husband at the event

Speaking during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Jones revealed that she actually tried to steal Reynolds at the event.

“Let me tell you. This man. Ah, Ryan Reynolds, I love you,” she said, noting how nice it was of Blake to not mind that she was crushing on her husband.

“You have to be cool to let somebody just be all on your man like that, you know what I’m saying?” Jones joked.

Ultimately, however, it seems that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are such #couplegoals that they can even mock each other on social media and still be desperately in love. Just the dream.