Alim Kheraj
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 2:31 am
Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that sexism is still rife in almost every industry. That’s why we can’t stop applauding Bjork’s powerful essay about sexism in the media industry.

Earlier this year, Mila Kunis penned her own op-ed about the sexism she’d experienced in the workplace, and in 2015 Bjork herself opened up about what it was like being a woman in the music industry.

However, now the Icelandic performer has written a lengthy essay about sexism and it’s so powerful.

Taking to Facebook, the singer spoke about the “positive current in the sky” when it comes to attitudes and experiences of women in music. Writing about how she was DJing at a festival in Texas, Bjork explained that there were some discrepancies between the media representations of her working behind the decks and her male counter parts.

Continuing, Bjork said that women in music were allowed to write songs about their boyfriends, but when it came to changing the subject matter they get criticized. “journalists feel there is just something missing … as if our only lingo is emo,” she wrote.

However, rather than lamenting about the position of women in the music industry, Bjork had a super inspiring message.

Read Bjork’s full message below.

We have to say, we love Bjork’s positivity. While she acknowledges that she herself has struggled in the music industry, it’s so nice to see that she’s not beaten down by the inherent and institutionalized sexism that occurs in almost all places of work. Her message is a powerful statement, and in 2017 we could all do with following her optimism.