Lilian Min
Updated Mar 06, 2017 @ 11:28 am
Bjork VR concert
Credit: @bjork /

Real talk, I am literally listening to Björk as I type this post up. The Icelandic singer is one of the most gifted performers in the modern musical age. Her otherworldly sound landscapes are utterly immersive. For lucky folks in Los Angeles, we’ll soon have a chance to get that immersion.

Björk is pulling off two performance stunts in the City of Angels soon, and I for one and ready to go to both.

Why do I say “performance stunt” and not just, well, live shows? Because only one of the events is going to be a “traditional” live show. (Knowing Björk, it will be far from that.) On May 30th, she’s performing with an orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, presented by the LA Philharmonic. That show is part of the LA Phil’s larger Reykjavik Festival.

But the other thing? A virtual reality exhibit, Björk Digital. It’s a mash-up of larger VR experiences, music videos, and live video. Taking place at The Magic Box at The Reef (what a name), that will run from May 19th to June 4th.

So what kind of VR experience would that look like? Some of the to-be-featured videos are on YouTube already. And yeah, I’d love to see this in a more cinematic setting:

Though the exhibit already made stops in London and Tokyo, this’ll be the first time it comes to America. Look out for tickets for both events here, starting tomorrow 10 a.m. PST. Setting my alarm for that… now.