Alyssa Thorne
January 03, 2017 1:42 pm

Getting through 2016 was a harrowing journey, but now we’re starting over with a fresh slate which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying, all things considered. One thing we DO know we want on this fresh slate is the dream team of John Oliver and Billy Eichner, who took to the streets the other day to answer the pressing question we never knew we had until now.

In a clip from an upcoming episode of Billy on the StreetBilly and John took to the streets of Chelsea to find out what we need to know. To be honest, given the state of everything, this is the only kind of hard-hitting reporting our hearts can take right now.

John and Billy asked a bunch of gay men on the streets if they cared about John Oliver.

Although personally we’d definitely say we loved John Oliver even if we didn’t because he’s STANDING RIGHT THERE (but obviously we genuinely do love him because c’mon), the overwhelming level of ‘eh‘ reactions is actually hilarious.

Like, seriously. Look at this guy’s utterly unimpressed face.


On the upside, they found one man in Chelsea who is super into John Oliver, and his joy at meeting him is GIVING US LIFE.


On the other end of the continuum, Wendy Williams can rest assured she has a lot of fans in the community.