Let’s be real, Carrie Fisher has taught us ALL something about life. Though you might never have had the pleasure of meeting her IRL, her words and wisdom are incredible influential, and stay with you long after. She was just, you know, that amazing.

And if we’re going to talk about just how 💯 Carrie was in in life, we need to look to her daughter, Billie Lourd — who Carrie often described as her greatest achievement. Billie showed up at Star Wars Celebration down in Orlando, Florida, to talk about her mother’s legacy. In doing so, Billie shared with the crowd three things her mother taught her.

Numbers 2 and 3 are: “If life isn’t funny, then it’s just true, and that is unacceptable;” and “that the most evolved person is seemingly a contradiction.”

What’s Number 1?

Getting a rousing laugh from the crowd, Billie launched into her mother’s opening moulage from A New Hope. Because this is the most important thing a mother can teach their daughter, and like yeah, preach.

Billie’s own take on the monologue was met with such a warm, and loving reaction, the crowd went just about nuts. Carrie might be gone, but it has never been clearer that her legacy, love, and everything she has taught us about life continues to live on. Even in death, she’s still giving us hope.