It’s such a bummer when you check your Twitter @ replies and see that someone miserable took a few seconds to jot off something nasty to you. If it’s any comfort, everyone who has, like, even a smidge of a profile of social media, has strangers who come out of nowhere and try to ruin your day. Even someone like Bill Nye has his share of haters.

“Bill Nye like BILL NYE?” you ask “Bill Nye THE SCIENCE GUY?”

Yes, even Bill Nye the Science Guy has to put up with trolls.

“But he’s BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY,” you protest. “He taught me what atoms were!”

And that’s great, because it’s super-important to understand how the basic building blocks of matter function, but the truth is, all the knowledge he has imparted to us did not grant him a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card when it comes to internet harassment.

In a recent video, Bill Nye pulls a “celebrity hanging out by the brick wall backstage of Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and read a series of mean tweets about himself. Not only does he admit that he too is besieged by tools from time to time, but he has tons of great comebacks for his haters. Bill Nye, educating us about science AND internet bullying, you’re the greatest, always.

Roll video!